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Which River

There are those who believe they are witches,
And then there is me.

He calls me Ampero.
So, I call him Lazio.

I am the only one.

His real name is Peter.
All of our mutual friends use a nic-name for Peter. 
The kids are cruel and embarrassing to create such a spell.
Something about his name invites it.
It does not invite me.  
I make a “decision” not to fall unto their spell.

When I “informed” Lazio that I am making this 
 very well thought out “decision” 
Not to fall;
and that I and only I shall call him Lazio;
Lazio laughs and laughs at me every time I say his new name.

His candid style and his way with “the girls” is his only interest.

I, of course know it will please him to hear I decided
something about him.  And to show that I can be jealous, 
I alone shall call him Lazio.  
He is pleased to hear affections about himself.

I know about balance;
understanding how this will equal our power of effect 
and even us out.

We tease each other along the edge of the river 
like a cat and mouse.
I smile back at him.

I am never certain if Lazio quite understands why
it makes me smile when I call him. 

But, his good humor seems to be with me
and with his secrets.

Lazio is a warlock and nobody knows it yet,
but me.
I keep his secret safe in my heart 
and my own secrets from him.

Lazio's secrets are safe.  
He can take the sparkles from his eyes 
to make a light blue path for us to safely walk along 
the edge of the river to get to our school.

When the path grows too long 
with rocks and sharp rocks, Lazio will simply 
melt them royally flat with his gaze sharp gaze 
and glace up at the green hills watching for trouble.

Lazio always walks me to school, 
our parents were good friends and neighbors.
Nobody believes in anything just now.

That is before it happens to us,
Like we always know that it will.

Copyright 2000 Peggy Penny
All Rights Reserved​

I cry a verse in words
No tears of mine 
will ever touch your heart 
But, they will change our world