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"University B.S.”

The sheriff’s gather on the highway, some man on a bike is telling the small crowd

that there has been another disappearance gone wrong.

Peggy can hear his voice repeating over & over again.

“Man, this guy was just sitting there, waiting for the bus when I heard the shouts.

I thought it was a party or something but it was another disappearance gone wrong?

or whatever the media is calling it this week.

It was another  ???

He continued toward each person in the crowd. 

Ben Stanford looked over the crowd to Peggy standing alone staring at him. 

Her eyes were focused & lingering, her mouth hard & serious.

Peggy unfolded her arms & let her hands cling to her hips before turning herself away. 

A sheriff accompanied Peggy to her front door & she disappeared
with the door closed shut & locked. 

Ben knew she would never trust him again but he still wanted to explain to her,
to make her see his side. 

He was there to try and stop what had just happened,
wasn’t he? 

He was there to make sure Peggy was alright.

“The egg is hatched & the yoke is on you,"
said the note left on Peggy’s car window.

Peggy had dusted off her favorite jacket by brushing off her lean body;
Then stretching down to tightened her hiking boot straps, 
a small bottled water in her hip pocket. 

This was no joke.
Peggy had walked away unscathed;  This time.